Methodology & Style

The Legacy & Legacy corporate training style delivers world-class content in insightful modules, combined with audio-visual complements, self-assessment tests and group exercises. The inspirational and interactive style consistently leave a lasting and measurable impact on participants.

The engagement procedure begins with a needs assessment of the client organisation to understand their current individual and corporate challenges. The results of this appraisal process provide insights into the organisational dynamic and help us focus the session for optimum results.

The training session typically includes:

  • Insightful Presentations
  • Group Situational Analysis and Brainstorming Sessions
  • Teamwork Exercises and Simulations
  • Games & Competitions
  • Personality Tests
  • Training Videos
  • Resolutions and Action Planning

Mode of Execution

Our training modules captured are often packaged as two-day sessions that run from 9am to 5pm each day. The two-day minimum is recommended to allow for individual and group assignments, recap of lessons learnt and continuous assimilation which a one-day session does not afford. Nonetheless, the number of days and time frame are flexible and can be customized to suit clients’ requests.

  • The highly-interactive training modules are delivered with workbooks, training materials, group presentations and practical sessions. They are suitable for all categories of staff and are noted for revolutionizing organisations.
  • The same training content and themes can also be packaged as EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS for Organisational Heads, Senior Level Executives and top Managers. The rates tend to be premium while the numbers are often not more than 20-30 at a time. The package is therefore embellished with a more comprehensive package of books and audiovisual complements for executive participants. The cuisine and decor are upgraded while participants also get to enjoy one-on-one coaching on the wings of the main sessions.


The provision of venue, food and beverages can be done by the client or the consultants. Training materials used as well as the number of participants are considered in the pricing. Training fees are charged per person per day and often range between GH¢800 and GH¢1,500 depending on the training package and which party is providing the venue and food. There is a minimum flat rate of GH¢10,000 for one-day sessions involving a smaller number of participants.


Training Modules