It is an indisputable fact that many people fail to start planning for retirement till it is too late. Experts suggest that the best time to start Retirement Planning is when you take up your very first appointment. Life expectancy statistics suggest that most people who retire today can look forward to a couple of decades in retirement. With so much time on our hands, it is imperative that each of us designs comprehensive plans encompassing financial, health and exercise and career repositioning plans undergirded by spiritual, emotional and social support systems. Apart from retirement, sudden changes in economic conditions or organisational dynamics can create uncertainty and the need for changing jobs or starting new careers. Unfortunately, many people find themselves inadequately prepared to handle these prospects.

The "Career Transition & Repositioning Clinic" designed by Legacy & Legacy provides executives and professionals with guidance on how to prepare for any eventuality in their careers including premature or planned retirement. It also helps to maximize retirement savings and positions participants to enjoy their retirement with dignity and fulfillment. The clinic is organized in conjunction with Axis Pension Trust, a market leader in the pensions industry. It targets executives, business owners and professionals who are often too busy to painstakingly plan their futures. The overwhelming success of the first session and participants' responses confirm the relevance of this unique intervention.

  • Thematic Areas 
    • Health Management.
    • Creating New Income Streams (Multiple streams of income).
    • Building a Personal Pension Fund (Holistic Retirement Planning Guidance)
    • Private Consultation and Pension Calculation session for each participant.
  • Target Audience: High-level executives, business owners and professionals.
  • Key Take Outs
    • During this half-day career transition clinic, participants will learn about lifestyle changes, dieting and how simple choices today can significantly reduce risk of disease and health care cost at the latter stages of their careers and lives.
    • They will also discover how to reposition their careers and create additional streams of income. Each participants will be challenged and equipped with practical tools to generate four new income streams.
    • In the main session, participants will be guided by to accurately project their retirement income, model scenarios and design a customized retirement plan to meet their financial needs and other expectations.
    • The clinic also creates a unique environment for networking and building relationships.