Management guru Peter Drucker once stressed that “quality in a service is not about what you put into it but what the customer gets out of it.” This means that you can put in a lot of effort and still not reap the desired results in customer satisfaction. Statistically, only 1 out of every 26 (4%) dissatisfied customers bother to complain. The remaining 25 (96%) simply go away and many of them never come back.

Most companies treat service as a low-priority business operation until customer attrition hits their bottom line and by that time it is often very expensive or even too late to correct. One customer can make a difference and you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The flagship ‘Sheba Model’ designed by Legacy & Legacy provides practical tools and a systematic approach that will lay the foundation for providing excellent customer service throughout your organisation.

  • Training Topics
    • Foundations of Customer Service Excellence
    • Building Customer Loyalty & Long-lasting Partnerships
    • Exceeding Customer Expectations
    • Dazzling the Customer: The Sheba Principle
    • Customer Complaints: Springboards to Closer Relations
  • Key Take Outs
    • Dazzle clients with exceptional service
    • Increase credibility with customers
    • Build long-lasting client relationships and exceed customer expectations
    • Acquire tools for recovering difficult customers
    • Communicate with professionalism, gain respect and enhance customer relationships
    • Secure competitive advantage through customer service excellence
  • Target Audience
    • Sales Executives
    • Front Desk Officers
    • Marketing Executives
    • Relationship Managers.
    • A compressed version of this module is recommended for delivery to entire companies especially during staff durbars.
  • Course Materials
    • A book "Sheba" (Ancient customer service secrets repackaged) by Albert & Comfort Ocran
    • A workbook on "Effective Customer Service"