Teams are an integral part of every human endeavour: Political, sports, business and social groupings all require teamwork for effective execution of stated objectives. An effective, highly-motivated team is generally well-placed to consistently produce first-class results. High performing teams exhibit accountability, purpose, cohesiveness, and collaboration.

The "Teambuilding, Synergy & Productivity" seminar employs strategies that energize teams and help align them with corporate values, goals and objectives. It is aimed at binding teams together for effective delivery of results and for organizational success.

  • Training Topics
    • Qualities & Attributes of A World-Class Team
    • Redefining Organizational Culture
    • Evidence of A Disoriented And Dysfunctional Team
    • How To Build A Winning Team
  • Key Take Outs
    • One of the most compelling components of our teambuilding and development model is the introduction of Peer Review Mechanisms to help monitor improvements in individual performance. Participants are often paired to review each other’s progress on implementation of agreed deliverables. This is an important way to ensure continuity and internal buy-in to the commitments made during the sessions.
    • In the face of the ever-changing global business landscape and stiff competition on all fronts, participants will at the end of this training be collectively aligned with their companies’ corporate goals and values.
  • Course Materials
    • Bestselling leadership book, “The Lord, Madiba & The Eagle” by Albert & Comfort Ocran
    • A customised MP3 audio collection on “Effective Teambuilding”
    • Other team building materials